On July, 19, 2015 from 10.40 AM to 5 PM at Autodesk

A Post Processing workshop , “After The Shot” for photography lovers was conducted at Autodesk on 19th July ,Sunday, 2015 by Mr Deep Bhatia ( AFIAP, AIIPC )The workshop was participated by Mr. Vinod Chauhan, (President), Mr. Deep Bhatia (General Secretary), Mr. Harvinder Singh ( Joint Secretary), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Press Secretary) and other members of TPAS namely Mr. Hemant Chauhan , Mr. P. K. Gautam, Mr. Amrit Pal Singh, Mr. Rajiv Garg ,Ms Preeti Kaur, and Mr Sumit Jangra. Other non members participating in the workshop were Mr. Ravikant Yadav, Mr Satish Kumar, Mr Rajnish Goyal, Mr Bonny Joseph John, Mr Gurdeep Diman and Mr Abhimanyu. who later on joined the Tricity Photo Art Society as regular members. Also another membership confirmation was given by Mr. Amit Kakkar. Dr. Amrik Singh also attended the workshop.

The workshop was declared open by the workshop chairman Mr. Vinod Chauhan who welcomed one and all participating members. He briefed about the workshop and the workshop instructor and also made everyone aware about the Mission and Vision of TPAS and the future  upcoming activities like the Ist TPAS International Salon in December, World Photography Day Exhibition in August and the press conference on the launch of TPAS Website tentatively in the end of July.

Mr Deep Bhatia General Secretary TPAS and the instructor of the day conducted After The Shot Workshop. The workshop Started at 11.40 am and ended at 5pm. The lunch break was from 2.30 pm to 3.00pm.

Mr Bhatia made all members aware as to how picture are important and viewed from Judges perspective . He taught all the participating members the various techniques of Photoshop. This workshop was conducted to help members enhance their picture quality.

Mr Bhatia taught various techniques like blur and dodging, How to hpw Change Sky, How to add elements, How to Sharpen Images, How to enhance color, saturation and picture quality, How to remove electric wires or any obstructions. He taught about Histograms and Curves, Image Straightening , Image Cropping and Saving.

It was a very interactive workshop and was followed by practice session. The workshop was liked by one and all. Mr Bhatia also encouraged fellow members to practice a lot and hence improve photo quality and thus participate in Salons.

The participation certificates were distributed to all participating members by Mr Vinod Chauhan (President), Mr Deep Bhatia ( General Secretary), Mr Harvinder Singh (Joint Secretary) .

Mr Harvinder Joint Secretary told members about the upcoming Exhibition on the World Photography Day and the ways to be a part of the same.

Mr Gurdeep Dhiman a new member told members about an exhibition being organized by Saksham group and WE group at Punjab Kala Bhavan on World Photography day. He invited the entries from Tpas members – framed works in the size of 12 x18 or 20 x 30 inches.

There will be an entry fee of Rs 500 per work.

Mr. Vinod Chauhan, Chairman IT Committee show cased the TPAS website , www.tpas.co.in .  It was a showcase and the objectives in the making of the website. All aspects had been beautifully covered and almost everything was covered in details & in perfection of being a world class website. Appreciated by all members. However there were some very good feedback and suggestions by the participating members which were noted down for all possible implementations.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar ( Press Secretary) took the pictures of the workshop and made the press note for the Media.

A vote of thanks was given by the Chairman Workshop Committee Mr. Vinod Chauhan and he ensured that more such interesting and informative workshops would be conducted regularly.

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