Hatu Calling !!

(17th October & 18th October)

TPAS members made an adventure trip to Hatu, Narkanda, Shimla on 17 October 2015. This mountain peak at 11000 ft is one of the highest peaks in the world. The purpose of this trip was to have a workshop on Star Trails &  Night Photography.
The Workshop Chairman Vinod Chauhan spear headed the convoy of 3 cars with 13 members to Hatu with their weapons – latest camera gears.
The meeting point of the TPASians was 26 traffic lightsat 5am in the morning and the final group assembly before the expedition was at Timber Trail, Parwanoo. All enthusiast members reached on dot time .The cars were loaded with the baggages of the participating members and had stickers on the car bodies: ” Hatu Calling “
The morning tea was taken at Daidh Ghat and the breakfast at the famous Pappi Ka Dhaba at Sanjauli Shimla. TPASians reached on schedule time of 9.30 am for the breakfast. With enroute photographic sessions the convoy reached  their destination in wilderness- Agyatt Vaas @ 10500 feet at 1.30 pm. What a pleasure it was enroute driving uphills into the woods.
After the welcome drinks members had a quick rest and freshen up time in their cottages. After their sumptuous lunch TPASians headed to Hatu at 5pm for the sunset clicks and the Star Trails & Night Photography workshop. The workshop instructor was Deepak Goswami an IT profession himself an expert in astro.
All members were ecstatic and felt at the top of the world clicking the landscape at a view of 360 degree vision. TPASians took the blessings at Mata Hatu Temple @ 11000ft  All clicks and adventure recceeded to the moment of long wait of all TPASians, It took more than one hour for all to set their cameras, lenses and  tripods. The instructor Deepak and member Arun Bhardwaj helped every member individually and ensured no member was ignored and deprived of the chance to click the best moments to follow.
Deepak Goswami had a briefing with all members and explained in details all methods of getting the best Star Trails.
All cameras aimed at the North Star started gunning for over hundred shots for  the next over an hour 30 seconds interval shots.
Wow what an experience !!!!
 The temperature was close to 3 degree Celsius. No member felt the chillness at 11000ft in their enthusiasm and lust and desire to have the best of the Star Trails
After the capture all members were given Participation Certificates by Workshop Chairman Vinod Chauhan and TPAS General Secretary, Deep Bhatia. Probably it was for the First Time the participants of a workshop got felicitated at 11000 ft height.
At 9.30 pm all camera gears and baggages were packed up and TPASians returned to their Resort.  Having a mouth watering and Delicious dinner every member shared their experience about this expedition and then retired to their cottages.
With a quick sunrise photo session the next morning  the convoy reached Vinod Chauhan;s Apple Orchards to have a feel of the rural area and Himachali home cooked sumptuous lunch. Every member plucked apples on their own at the orchards and ate delicious Royal Apples.
TPASians returned to join their friends and family members for dinner back home with lilting & unforgettable memories of Hatu.
Surely Hatu Beckons…………………..………………….


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