Today marked the LAUNCH of TRICITY PHOTO ART SOCIETY (TPAS) a new beginning for the Tricity.

This Society has been the brain child of the Deep Bhatia, AFIAP, General Secretary TPAS and VinodChauhan President TPAS A group of likeminded people joined hands in their mission of promotion of Photo Art in this region. This Society constitutes members now from different walks of life and different professions. From IT Engineer, Software Engineers, Marketing seniors of MNC’s, Govt. Employees, Business owners , Entrepreneurs to Students.

All these people are Photography hobbyists and enthusiast with a vision to take TPAS to an International level.

Today Tricity Photo Art Society was Launched at a PRESS CONFERENCE held at Hotel Aroma. The Executive body members exhibited their Award winning and Internationally accepted pictures.

TPAS also announced the launch of 1st TPAS International Digital Salon . THIS IS THE FIRST SUCH INTERNATIONAL EVENT OF THIS REGION . Participants from more than 70 countries are expected to participate in this INTERNATIONAL EVENT.

The General Secretary of the Society , Deep Bhatia welcomed all delegates from the press and the members of TPAS and shared his thoughts and benefits of this big event, He said a platform for all photolovers has been created by TPAS and people can avail & benefit from it . He also put emphasis on Salon Participation by one and all.There are around 80 Awards to be won including FIAP Gold Medal from France & PSA Gold Medal from America

This Competition is recognized by Federation of Photography FIP, India, FIAP, France and PSA, America

Speaking to the press on the occasion the president of TPAS ,VinodChauhan also unveiled the website of the Society. With all points clinically covered in this website Is truly a world class website. He said that soon Online Entries for the 1st TPAS Salon would be starting where any participant can log in to the website and after going through all guidelines can participate in the International Photography Salon . Also the works of the members , their profile is displayed in the website

Any one can become the member of the TPAS and get benefitted by various activities like workshops, Photowalks, Seminars, Exhibitions ,Presentationsbeing conducted from time to time. All upcoming events and workshops are shown on the website. People can even get engaged in various ways to promote the Society.VinodChauhan shared the vision of TPAS to take it to the International Level by promoting Photo Art in the region by ways of Photowalk, workshops, Exhibitions and engaging charity activities also. He said we want to take the city photographers to a level where they and their work is recognized at National & International levels.

TPAS also announced the Open Photo Exhibition DHRISTI -2015””on eve of WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY , at Govt. Museum and Art Gallery , Sector 10 , Chandigarh from 18th to 23rd August 15. During the 5 days of the Exhibition there would be a daily Free Workhop on different aspects in Photography like Fahion Photography, Wildlife Photography, Studio Lighting, Creative Digital Photogrphy and Basics of Photography. The chairman of the Photo Exhibition DHRISTI-2015, Harvinder Singh said any person amateur or professional from any region can participate.

The patron of the TPAS, Manmohan Singh past Chairman CII & CEO Aroma Group of Hotels, appreciated the initiative being taken by TPAS and said their was a severe need of such organization to promote Photo Art in the region which has witnessed some good photographers earlier.

Press Secretary Sanjeevkumar gave the vote of thanks

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