A Photo Walk by TPAS was conducted on 19th July, Sunday 2015. The chairman Photo walk, Mr Vikram Joy greeted all participating members for the day.The members present were Vinod Chauhan (President), Subhash Sapru (Vice President), Deep Bhatia ( General Secretary), Harvinder Singh (Joint Secretary), Vikram Joy ( Finance Secretary), Sanjeev Kumar ( Press Secretary) and members PK Gautam and Sumit Jhangra.

The meeting point of Photo Walk was at 5.40 am at Zirakpur Lights on Patiala Road and all the members gathered there on time. From there the members departed to Brick Kiln beyond Chhatbir Zoo and near Banur.

The Chairman Photo briefed all members about what could be captured on this day and at this location. Mr Deep Bhatia gave his insights on the location and its environment as he had visited it earlier a couple of times. The President , Mr Vinod Chauhan welcomed the photo walk and showed desire of such frequent Photo walks. The members split up on reaching the kiln and started capturing moments of their liking and choice. All members spent around 3 hours in the Brick Kiln environment. Almost all were able to capture good portraits and landscapes and environmental moments.

Mr. Deep Bhatia announced a Photo Competition from this Photo Walk. Barring senior members all others were asked to post two images each on WhatsApp. A forum was to decide the winner of the day.

The members after having finished the photo walk moved to a Dhaba and had a lovely breakfast of ” Chai & Paranthas” sponsored by TPAS.

At the breakfast table photography was discussed at its best. After the breakfast the phot walk ended with members departing to their destinations.

Sumit Jhangra emerged winner of the day with special Jury award inspite of not considered as a participant being a senior member went to Vikram Joy.

At the end of the day thought and vision of TPAS emerged victorious.


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